Thursday, 23 January 2014

Business Intelligence Success Factors

Success factors for BI are: Data. Analyses. Software. Employees. Processes. Strategy.
  • Data needs to be structured, cleansed and enriched e.g. using a flexible data integration tool.
  • Analyses are crucial to turn data into knowledge. And, of course, they must be sound to allow authoritative decisions.
  • Software must be technically scalable and has to support functional and corporate growth. It should be easy to use and supply powerful BI capabilities for end users.
  • Employees are essential: everyone must use BI, everywhere at any time.
  • Information needs to be integrated into your business processes. Manually as well as automated.
  • Without a strategy you'll run the risk of failure. At least you'll need to know how to find and use new values in your data.
BI Maturity Model
When comparing these six items with a BI maturity model you will see that data, analyses and software build the foundation on using BI. But just focusing on the more technical part isn't enough for achieving the top level. Employees, processes and strategy are the key for pervasive BI.
Be careful, enhancing employees' BI capabilities and integrating information into processes is much more than just having the technical structures like mobile BI or action frameworks. Employees need to develop self service BI know-how, because only consuming existing analyses and reports is not sufficient to get full BI performance from a user perspective. We discussed that already on a German Oracle user conference (see slides 5 and 6 of Tricks with Oracle BI Answers).

In the end you will need adapted education concepts for each target group using BI within your company. You may ask now: "Why do you use Oracle BI tools as front end?" Because it's the most flexible tool we know supporting small business as well as large enterprises. And last but not least Oracle BI end user tools support a wide range of self service functionalities matching all criteria mentioned above.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Oracle BI Bundle Patch OBIEE

Das neue Bundle Patch Set für Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition und Oracle Exalytics OBIEE wurde kürzlich veröffentlicht.

Die detaillierte Beschreibung des Patches im Oracle Support: OBIEE 11g Bundle Patch is Available for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and Exalytics.

Weitere Information zum aktuellen Bundle Patch bzw. zu den Patch Sets von OBIEE 11g:

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