Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Online Oracle BI Training - Review

29-Apr-2014 ... our managing director Gerd Aiglstorfer delivered his Oracle University expert class Oracle BI Analyses Insights as a Live Virtual Class (LVC). It was his first online class at all and therefore the premiere as an online Oracle BI training event. He is giving a short review on how he experienced the training day.

G.A. itbs: "Gerd, how did you feel before starting the class?"
Gerd Aiglstorfer: "Well, I wasn't sure how student interaction will work. In the classroom events students are asking a lot of questions, I can see if they can follow the items discussed and if it's interesting for them. In an online training there is no direct contact. As I assumed discussions on additional information are reduced in comparison with a classroom training, but direct questions on training topics are equal. I sometimes asked the students if they are happy and the always replied 'great'."

G.A. itbs: "What feedback did the students give in the end?"
Gerd Aiglstorfer: "All of them said: 'Awesome'. There is a chat tool within the session. A participant stated: 'It was very interesting. Sometimes heavy stuff, but I got many tips for using OBI properly and most efficiently. Thank you very much!' There is nothing to add. It's the same feedback as on my classroom Oracle BI training events."

G.A. itbs: "What's about the technical environment?"
Gerd Aiglstorfer: "I was not sure if VoIP will work for voice communication, but it did. The connection to the students was fine. Backwards I sometimes didn't understand the questions due to reduced quality, but there is the chat tool for asking the questions if necessary. One student even participated without a microphone. After lunch screen conferencing became very slow. After just restarting the session everything was fine. Just one small issue within 8 hours, I think that's ok and quite normal."

G.A. itbs: "Would you recommend attending your online Oracle BI training?"
Gerd Aiglstorfer: "From a functional perspective, of course. Even very experienced BI professionals give outstanding evaluations and tell me that they feel very enriched by the solutions and best practices provided. If there is no classroom event near your site, then the online training event is a really good alternative. You have no travel costs and training quality is nearly the same."

G.A. itbs: "When is your Oracle BI expert class scheduled next?"
Gerd Aiglstorfer: "On the 14-Nov-2014."

G.A. itbs: "Thank you very much for your time, Gerd!"
Gerd Aiglstorfer: "You are welcome!"

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