Sunday, 18 May 2014

OBIEE Client Success and Typical Issues

Recently we received an enquiry from a multinational logistics company just replacing MS Access and Excel with a reporting solution based on Oracle BI (OBIEE). A really good idea by the way, but the client and particularly the key users described some issues:
  • It's already cumbersome to just create simple reports.
  • Why do we have to implement all measures and key data on our own?
  • There is no possibility to drill into detail data.
  • Multi star respectively cube comparison is not supported.
  • We want to keep using Excel with Smart View instead of Oracle BI Answers.
  • OBIEE isn't the BI tool to use.
From our expert perspective we could already guess what's going wrong without having a look to the system at all. Especially Oracle BI is solving the first four issues mentioned. And - to be honest - that's just standard BI functionality. Furthermore we wondered why Smart View should solve the issues whereas Answers isn't appropriate.

After a superficial review taking just some minutes we had a clear and unfortunately horrible picture. Clients' current solution is mixing dimensions and facts ignoring common usability aspects. Our statement after verifying the Oracle BI source code: "We would never roll out such a repository to our customers." We received the impression that Oracle BI application was build with nearly no OBIEE know-how. Thus, users' dissatisfaction is comprehensible.

All issues above come along with this fact. We arranged a 1.5 days workshop to gather and understand users' needs. Simultaneously we managed to create a positive perspective on how Oracle BI can support and solve existing business requirements. In comparison to the starting point a turnaround.

To prove we will build a customer specific prototype within one day and outline the next steps to perform. In the end we are sure to have an up and running OBIEE application fulfilling our new clients' requirements.

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  1. Unfortunately this scenario is all too common. I would estimate that more than half of the OBIEE projects I have been involved with over the past decade were focused on fixing poor initial implementations. Oracle should put more effort into the sales process to help OBIEE customers connect with proven OBIEE implementation consulting companies rather than allow an implementor to tarnish the reputation of the product.