Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Standard Oracle BI Training - Story

As official Oracle University partner we sell all available Oracle Education services. Our partnership covers the right to deliver standard Oracle BI training. Thus, our Oracle University expert trainer Gerd conducts standard courses like Oracle BI Create Analyses and Dashboards or Oracle BI Build Repositories quite often. Attendees benefit from his excellent knowledge.

Not long ago a client from entertainment industry requested a training event for his international team. Team members will be responsible for creating reports using Oracle BI Answers at locations worldwide. Sounds easy, but there was a challenge to solve:
  • Project situation only allowed one day training for about 12 people coming from different departments and holding diverse positions.
  • Participants' know-how was very different - from nearly beginners to users experienced to some degree.
Usually such preconditions handicap an optimal training execution. We normally recommend to take at least two training days to achieve an ideal balance between theory and exercises. But the setting was as described. The customer accepted our solution proposed:
  • One training day with focus on theory respectively trainer instruction.
  • Only a few direct exercises on key functionalities. Detailed questions are handled separately when they come up on the job.
Challenging when your minimal objective is to give a perfect learning experience to each attendee. But we succeeded! See the feedback we received: "Really impressed with Gerd, he ran a comprehensive class that catered well for different requirements and competency levels." and "I would definitely like to take part in another training session."

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