Tuesday, 10 June 2014

OBIEE Mobile App Designer Release 2

By the mid of last year Oracle released Oracle BI Mobile App Designer (OBIEE MAD). Release 2 of OBIEE Mobile App Designer with synonym is now available for download.

New feature overview for the new release:
  • User interface is redesigned
  • New map component
  • New page type "Exploration Page"
  • Creating of global filters
  • Adding calculated fields
  • Filter component renamed "List"
  • Defaults and multiselect is now supported
  • Adding custom components to your apps
For installation you need to download patch number 18794832.
Read OBIEE Mobile App Designer documentation for more details:
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Or have a look to our Oralce BI documentation link list.


  1. Patch 19604695 resolves some issues when using Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browsers: Oracle Support.