Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Oracle BI Useful Things - by an OBIEE Geek!

Just let me introduce myself first before outlining some helpful OBIEE topics. My name is Gerd. I'm one of those few OBIEE geeks knowing even nQuire and Siebel Analytics in detail. Oracle University lists me as Expert Trainer for Oracle BI.

Long time ago I finished my studies in informatics with a first-class honours diploma thesis on how to teach efficient algorithms and data structures to teachers. It was a privilege to attend lectures from e.g. Rudolf Bayer, who is one of the inventors of the B-tree data structure. Afterwards I began to specialise on BI technology. For now I can look back to many years in different leading positions on multinational Oracle BI projects. I'm managing director of a BI and DWH company which was founded in year 2008.

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I'm already working on the next posts on optimal OBIEE handling.

We naturally deliver world class Oracle BI solutions to our clients. That means creating perfect OBIEE applications from a business and technology perspective is our baseline. My passion relates to my vision and completes our delivery power: provide effective means to introduce software usage to users having ordinary working know-how. Normally that's a challenge, because having a deep technical background is mandatory but not sufficient to provide high quality training events for BI software.
In general user knowledge on creating analyses is the key factor for success when evolving a BI strategy. They need to be able to find new value sources in their data fast and without support. Find additional information in my presentation on self-service BI at a German Oracle user conference and my article on an Oracle BI training concept for end users.

Finally I integrated my 10 years+ OBIEE and teaching expert knowledge in my expert seminar on Oracle BI Analyses Insights to make my vision come true. Let me outline the content composed of approximately 50 types of practical reporting demands requested frequently:
  • Introduction on Creating Reports, Prompts & Dashboards
  • Useful Techniques
  • Advanced Reporting:
    • Answers Foundation:
      • Best Practice on Field Selection
      • Usage of Fields
      • Pivot Tables
    • Working with Functions:
      • Functions for e.g. Ranking or Time Series
      • Report Aggregation
    • Multi Star Queries
    • Combined Requests / Result Sets
  • Advanced Filtering & Prompts:
    • Global and Local Filters
    • Optimize Prompt Usability
    • Using Presentation Variables on Local Filters
    • Using Presentation Variables on Combined Requests
    • Using Presentation Variables for Dynamic Requests
    • CASE on Prompts
    • Filter Alternatives
  • Dashboards & Navigation
I appreciate to meet you in one of the next online or classroom dates!
Just ask me directly if there are any questions.

So, have a nice day and enjoy OBIEE power,

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