Saturday, 7 June 2014

Solving OBIEE Issues

In our blog post OBIEE Client Success and Typical Issues we described a situation we find very often when clients want us to review their current OBIEE implementation. When posting we just managed to create a positive end user perspective on OBIEE. There were three steps left to perform:
  • Implement a custom prototype to show OBIEE power.
  • Analyze OBIEE repository implementation in detail.
  • Outline a solution recommendation to implement a running OBIEE application.
Well, building a custom prototype within just one day on an existing data warehouse model - even if it's not really state of the art - isn't a challenge for us. So we did and presented the relevant OBIEE functionalities not available so far in clients' Oracle BI application.

Our detailed review just acknowledged our picture from the first superficial review. Our statement was clear and easy: "Don't use or roll out the current OBIEE repository source code." A software sytem should be sound, robust, with good performance, fault-tolerant and easy to refine. This one reached none of these criteria. From a expert perspective a complete new build of the OBIEE repository is easier and more cost-saving to perform than revising the current version.

What are the next steps to perform? There are just ten working days left until planned application launch - that's a challenge that we accept with pleasure! We recommended the following steps:
  • Create a logical OBIEE model using the current data warehouse objects.
  • Only substitute data warehouse tables if absolutely necessary.
  • Identify and define an optimized target model balancing OBIEE and data warehouse.
  • Implement interim solutions if necessary to succeed on upcoming milestone.
  • Plan, design and implement a state of the art OBIEE solution after first rollout.
Clients' decision makers gave a very positive feedback on our work so far. We are very happy and deeply grateful for customers' faith in us. The client ordered a new OBIEE repository setup. We are just implementing the new solution - on time and fulfilling our promises, of course!

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