Sunday, 27 July 2014

Oracle BI Coaching

OBIEE Bar ChartAs highly Oracle BI specialised service provider we naturally offer OBIEE coaching to business analysts, designers or developers of Oracle BI reports and repositories. Recently we delivered our Oracle BI coaching services to a client located in Hamburg (Germany). The employee coached was already experienced in implementing an OBIEE repository and building analyses and dashboards, but he wasn't confident if the techniques applied are state-of-the-art.

Well, that's quite the standard setting when we begin providing our Oracle BI coaching. We typically suggest the processing as follows which is adjusted to clients' needs, of course:
  • As a starting point our clients outline the questions on Oracle BI they have.
  • Based on our first understanding we review the current OBIEE repository implementation to get a full picture of the situation. This part typically demands 4-8 hours. As a side effect we give feedback on how to improve the current Oracle BI implementation, if needed.
  • Having done the review we agree upon coaching dates. Usually coaching is done via a remote connection to have access to customers' Oracle BI application and phone. Thus we reduce travelling costs and we enable coaching sessions not taking a whole day.
  • We don't need any further preparation. Normally we can reply to nearly all of the questions directly. Only in few cases we need to perform some investigations and think about a possible solution.
  • Between coaching days client works on the tasks discussed and gathers new questions.
  • During coaching sessions our OBIEE coach gives guidance on how to find a solution, helps to understand how Oracle BI is executing requests and reviews the tasks finished. Additionally he demonstrates solutions by example.
According to experience we discuss more questions with our clients as they had before starting the coaching process. Oracle BI coaching is exclusively delivered by our official Oracle University Oracle BI expert trainer Gerd (he introduces himself in Oracle BI useful things article). He obtained a great feedback from the customer mentioned above: “An experienced coach who responds well to the client and gives very good, competent and practical support for customers’ problems to solve.”

His other ratings in our feedback form were:
How do you rate the quality of our services? Outstanding.
How do you rate our knowledge within the subject? Experts.
Did the coaching fulfill your expectations? Outstanding.
How do you rate our operation method and appearance? Professional.

You can find some more customer voices on our website.

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