Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Oracle BI Licence for E-mail Delivers

If you use Oracle BI Delivers and Agents, you perhaps unlocked the functionality to send e-mails directly to recipients (marked red in the image). So, you are adding e-mail addresses of users who couldn't sign in to Oracle BI application and use OBIEE components.

OBIEE Delivers Agent Recipients

Sending e-mails to users registered to OBIEE is another functionality we don't cover in this post. Adding e-mail recipients e.g. implies that agent runs for a specific user for all e-mail addressees (and not extra for a recipient) and this user's security filter rules apply.

You can activate the send e-mail functionality for all OBIEE Delivers users as some clients do. But beware and check your Oracle BI Delivers licence. If you have licenced your Oracle BI server per processor, then your are fine. In case of licencing Oracle BI Delivers per named user you should examine carefully your needs and users' behaviour.
To be accurate each e-mail recipient needs a named user licence. Or you need to licence per processor if you are not able to count the number of users, even if you just have a few users who access agents and OBIEE Delivers to add e-mail recipients. That's not nice, but we checked it by contacting Oracle License Management Services (LMS) officially.

Both alternatives are not really desirable for just dispatching PDFs or Excel sheets. So, you need a solution on Oracle BI delivers licence basis to be able to add any number of e-mail users without having (too much) extra costs for additional licencing. Depending on your concrete situation that's possible. Just contact us. We will assist you and manage the relevant agreements with Oracle.

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