Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Oracle BI Mobile HD App

Oracle yesterday released new version of Oracle BI Mobile HD App for Apple products (see App Store). Changes are:
  • iPad: Improved Thumbnail Previews. On the iPad, thumbnail previews now refresh every time the analysis is opened. This eliminates the need to remove the app in order to clear stale previews. NOTE: For performance reasons, if a preview is less than five minutes old, it is not updated.
  • iPad: Mobile Layout. By default, analyses and dashboards open with the desktop layout on the iPad. There is now an option that allows you to toggle to the mobile layout. The layout applies to each analysis or dashboard individually, and persists for the duration the analysis or dashboard remains open. Tap Options, then tap Mobile Layout. Toggle back to Original Layout.
  • All Column Values Option for Prompts. For prompts that support the 'All Column' selection option, this is now available in Oracle BI Mobile. In the prompts dropdown, tap All Column Values to select all options at once.
  • iPhone: Spacing of icons in navigation bar. The icons in the bottom toolbar are now evenly spaced.
  • Security Toolkit Enhancement. Now when you get the security toolkit, you also get a sample XCode project along with it.
  • Bug Fixes and SSO Enhancements
Android App was updated to version a few days earlier providing Google Search integration (see Google Play).


  1. Version of OBIEE Mobile HD for iOS is released. Version provieds bug fixes for version above.

  2. Version of Android App was added to Google Play Store today also providing bug fixes.

  3. Version of Android App was added to Google Play Store on the 04-Nov providing Lollipop compatibility and bug fixes.