Friday, 5 September 2014

OBIEE Change Field Content

Blog article OBIEE Change Analysis Subject Area mentions by the way that you should use Column Formula editor for replacing field content in Oracle BI Answers. Main reason for this approach is to keep appearance of all views where field reference is used. You just want to change the field to show any other content having no effect on analysis' design. If you use the Delete button and add new columns again, then you must edit all views where field should be inserted. In most cases you will addtionally lose some nice settings in your views.

Let's take a simple selection of fields:

You possibly assume that fields shown link directly to the content delivered by OBIEE. That's not the case. Each field section just represents a specific column. It's a reference which is applied to the views in results tab. You can substitute the source of this reference. Subsitution doesn't affect view references. Therefore you don't lose any view settings when changing the source. Press Edit formula in order to change e.g. Query # figure:

Section Column Formula shows the source of the reference. Use subject area navigation on the left hand side or directly type in the new source, e.g. Runtime Avg observing the correct syntax, of course:

"Fact - OBI Usage"."Runtime Avg"

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