Saturday, 20 September 2014

OBIEE Dashboard Prompt and Between Operator

OBIEE dashboard prompts can be configured to provide filters with operator BETWEEN. Image below shows an example on a day column.

OBIEE Dashboard Prompt

After applying a low and a high value the query returns all rows with dates between low and high value including the edges, e.g.:


There are two additional options to utilise the between operator in OBIEE dashboard prompts without changing the operator in the prompt itself. You can just insert the low or the high value to get query behaviour as follows:

DAY >= low
DAY <= high

Inserting just the low respectively left value turns the between operator into a greater than or equal operator. Applying the high/right value means to run a query with less than or equal operator. Of course, you can allow the user to select the operator via a dashboard prompt operator select list. That depends on your dashboard requirement. Be aware that using greater or less than operators in a selection may result in decrease of query performance.

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