Thursday, 2 October 2014

OBIEE Setting Data Format for Dates

For sure you know the situation having a date field like Order Date which provides date information in DateTime format. In such a case the user should be able to decide if Date or DateTime format is used, because both possibilities may apply.

Thus, your OBIEE application will provide those date fields in DateTime format. Otherwise users won't be able to access the time information. Date data format for reports not needing time information needs to be changed via Column Properties.

When implementing reports for users using Oracle BI in different languages you will lose locale settings if you select a specific date format, e.g. MM/DD/YYYY or any other from the date format list below.

OBIEE Date Data Format

To avoid lose of locale setting select Custom and insert as Custom Date Format:


OBIEE Custom Date Data Format

Tip: If you just want to see time information use [FMT:time]. Run your report, go to My Account, change the locate and reload OBIEE analysis results. Date format appears in locale selected.

OBIEE My Account Locale

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