Monday, 8 December 2014

OBIEE Project Success - Introduction

We recently presented at the German Oracle User conference DOAG 2014 on two OBIEE topics. We decided to share the details of session Success with Oracle BI? Typical Error Scenarios and their Solution to the OBIEE community in a series of blog posts:

1. OBIEE Project Success - Introduction
2. OBIEE Projects - Suspect Requests
3. OBIEE Projects - Typical Error Scenarios
4. OBIEE Projects - Turn-Around Approach
5. OBIEE Projects - Criteria for Fast Success and Assessment
6. OBIEE Projects - Solution Process

All information we provide comes from our real OBIEE projects. We win about 50 percent of our new clients having issues when introducing Oracle BI with other parties as they know we provide real expert OBIEE solutions. We describe the whole solution process from the first contact via our assessment and change process up to the rollout of a state-of-the-art OBIEE implementation.

When having a look to BI market and surveys concerning Oracle BI (OBIEE) we often read statements like:
  • "Oracle BI was the wrong decision!"
  • "It's really cumbersome to work with."
  • "OBIEE has low flexibility and development is very expensive."
What a bad rating! We would agree with each client when he stops using OBIEE. We would rather recommend to quit their OBIEE projects. But are such statements really the truth?

When clients ask us to take over OBIEE projects described by this series they often think about stopping the projects with Oracle BI due to the same reasons respectively statements. To let you know in the beginning, not one of our clients in such a situation stopped his OBIEE project. As far as we can say based on our experience all such bad rated OBIEE projects have the same origin or reason for failure.

Therefore our OBIEE session mentioned above and the series articles cover the work with OBIEE as tool. We do not deal with issues on BI requirements engineering which would be a separate interesting topic to discuss. That's it for the first article. Please look forward to our next article coming in a day or two. If interested then please have a look to OBIEE Client Success and Typical Issues and Solving OBIEE Issues which highlight related questions.

Any questions? We provide Oracle BI expert support & coaching regarding all relevant OBIEE topics like architecture, security, configuration, reporting and mobile.

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