Thursday, 11 December 2014

OBIEE Projects - Turn-Around Approach

In the fourth chapter of session Success with Oracle BI? Typical Error Scenarios and their Solution we describe our approach to achieve a fast turn-around concerning clients expectations regarding OBIEE. Please follow our OBIEE project series presenting our process for solving typical OBIEE project issues:

1. OBIEE Project Success - Introduction
2. OBIEE Projects - Suspect Requests
3. OBIEE Projects - Typical Error Scenarios
4. OBIEE Projects - Turn-Around Approach
5. OBIEE Projects - Criteria for Fast Success and Assessment
6. OBIEE Projects - Solution Process

As shown until now we just know what's going wrong for ourselves and we have an overview of items to solve. It's very important to understand the full band width of expectations on OBIEE from a client perspective. Thus we do the following:
  • First step is to get a clear picture. We organize a workshop to understand all needs users have concerning Oracle BI as tool. Simultaneously we produce a positive perspective on what's possible with OBIEE.
  • Second step is to build a prototype to show and prove promises given in first step. We present missing functionalities recognized during workshop and first contact sessions on existing client data warehouse. We always use original client data and existing database tables to illustrate the flexiblity of an elaborated OBIEE implementation process. Additionally we analyze the current OBIEE repository and data warehouse implementation in detail. On that basis we provide a project specific plan for a solution without errors.
Effort for first step is 1-2 days. Second step requires 1-3 days investment. It's crucial to focus only questions concerning OBIEE functionality, because missing functions are the root cause for customers' issues. Mentioned business requirements can be set on a list, but they are not discussed or explicitly gathered at that point of time. Of course, business requirements are very important. But usually described tasks are done near to major project milestones, projects risks are located at tool level and you have to achieve a turn-around. Thus we request to be set into the project lead position for all steps covered by this OBIEE project series.

To complete turn-around chapter please have a look to the following OBIEE prototype example which can be build in less than one day. It gives an idea how OBIEE repository layers are structured. Applied criteria are described in fifth chapter of our OBIEE project series.

OBIEE prototype

Any questions? We provide Oracle BI expert support & coaching regarding all relevant OBIEE topics like architecture, security, configuration, reporting and mobile.

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