Sunday, 22 March 2015

BI Forum 2015

Already since years Mark and some other people from the OBIEE community invite me to join the BI Forum in Brighton, but I was too busy in the past. That didn't change ;-), nevertheless I blocked the two days in May. I'm very pleased about getting voted from the audience to speak at the BI Forum 2015 (May 6th-8th 2015).

Topic: Driving OBIEE Join Semantics on Multi Star Queries as User

One of the most powerful OBIEE functionality is the ability for users to query several star schemas (multi star queries). Most likely users will use non-conforming dimensions in such a case to filter specific data. Doing so since OBIEE SQL generator engine changed the semantic how results are joined. This presentation gives a complete introduction of the possibilities coming along and shows how users can drive inner, left and full outer joins between multi star queries. Presentation will close with a potential bug discussion in the OBIEE SQL generator engine.

See also the preview of three OBIEE sessions in Brighton providing additional information of my presentation at the end of the post.

Looking forward to meet you in Brighton,

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