Thursday, 9 April 2015

OBIEE Dashboard Recursive Master-Detail Navigation

Dashboards and its reports are sometimes designed to present as well overview and detailed information. Obviously switching between detail levels can be done by filtering via an OBIEE dashboard prompt which is not very user-friendly, because users have to type the values into the prompt even if the field is already visible in the result set, like Product No in the example dashboard page:

OBIEE Dashboard Master View

It's just an example based on two reports. Such dashboard pages could be much more complex. Intended functionality is quite the same as Master-Detail events do between views of a specific analysis. So, behaviour should be drilling on Product No results in:

OBIEE Dashboard Recursive Detail View

To implement this functionality just set an action link on the report column with destination to be the dashboard page itself so that the same set is filtered when drill down is performed:

OBIEE Dashboard Recursive Action Link

Of course, the Product No value is propagated to the dashboard prompt (if your OBIEE server patch set is not too old). Shown solution also works fine when filtering the dashboard master view on Title first.

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