Thursday, 14 May 2015

OBIEE released

Did you already wait for OBIEE to be released? So, here we go. The new Oracle BI version OBIEE is now available for download at Oracle OTN.

If you need upgrade support then just ask for our OBIEE services. New features as provided in several Oracle BI documentation books and some undocumented functionalities are:
Oracle BI Users
  • Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management: specify the number of decimal places to include in scores
  • Dashboards: create custom export layouts for exporting dashboard content to Excel
  • Manage accounts: replace account entries in the Access Control List (ACL) and to manage unresolved accounts
  • Selection steps: use variables to override values in selection steps
  • Export functionality: several new and changed components, export options Excel 2003 and Powerpoint 2003 no longer included in menu
  • Analyses: search within the subject areas, global variables and save columns to the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog for reuse in other analyses
  • New Treemap chart for visualisation
  • New Skyros style (similar to Oracle BI Cloud Service)
  • Horizontal layout for buttons and check boxes in Dashboard Prompts
  • Upload of custom images
  • HTML5 images instead of Flash
Oracle BI Metadata Repository Builders
  • Whole rpd checkout option added to multiuser menu
  • Several aggregate persistence improvements
  • Initialization block written in JSON syntax
  • Translation keys have been added to all presentation objects
  • Cloudera Impala supported
  • Access to Hyperion Planning data sources
  • Support for Oracle 12c Database In-Memory, Oracle 12c Database on Exadata and Oracle 12c Database In-Memory on Exadata
Oracle BI System Administrators
  • New properties for full-text search
  • Some new or enhanced configuration elements for export, graphs, table, pivot table and trellis views
  • New NQSconfig.INI settings
  • Debugging Agents using Fusion Middleware Control
  • Session tracking within Usage Tracking component
Oracle BI Security
  • New privileges: add EVALUATE_PREDICATE function, save column
Oracle BI Installation
  • When you perform a new BI installation, Oracle BI Mobile App Designer is automatically installed with the Oracle BI EE components.
Oracle BI Integrators
  • Oracle Business Intelligence includes a SchedulerService Service.
Oracle BI Publisher Administrators
  • Oracle Endeca no longer supported as a data source
  • Support for Oracle WebCenter content server as a delivery destination
  • Configure memory guard on the properties page
And last but not least some excerpts from the Release Notes (please have a look to the documentation if there are any solutions provided):
  • From Oracle BI EE Release onwards, Microsoft Windows 32-bit is no longer supported.
  • After upgrading to Oracle BI EE, OBIEE Mobile App Designer is not updated.
  • Authentication fails against third party LDAP when virtualize is set to true (applicable for Microsoft Active Directory as the identity store). Customers should check the availability of a patch for this issue on their installation platform before continuing to upgrade to (Update: patch is available with additional information at Oracle Support).
  • SSL configuration changes required due to new JDK version (when using Oracle BI with Weblogic 10.3.6 and JDK 7, download and apply Weblogic patch 13964737).
  • Axis label truncation in trellis views.
  • Export to Excel 2007+ and export to PDF do not support custom CSS styles.
  • Truncated Microsoft Office Excel 2007+ download for table, pivot table and trellis views.
  • Export options do not behave as documented.
  • Use of Custom Images in Analyses and Dashboards is a new feature, but is not documented yet.
  • Excel Analyzer and Online Analyzer deprecated in release and removed from

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