Saturday, 2 May 2015

OBIEE Graph Conditional Formatting on Other Column

Image below illustrates an example for conditional formatting of OBIEE table views. KPI Value field conditional format is calculated based on Threshold column value. OBIEE system provides Target and Threshold values for improvement of application usability. KPI visualisation is often based on equivalent graph and chart layout but on different targets and thresholds. OBIEE internal threshold calculation providing fixed values like green and red simplifies view development and layout.

OBIEE Table Conditional Formatting

That works quite good for table views, but conditional formatting based on another column isn't possible for graph views like the vertical bar chart shown. Graph conditinal formatting only accepts conditions derived from the same column and comparison with a static value or a presentation variable:

OBIEE Graph Conditional Formatting

Even adaptation of the Analysis XML doesn't help. To solve such a request add two additional KPI Value fields for green and red. Apply calculation as follows to get the result as shown in the image afterwards:

KPI Value Green
  WHEN "Fact - KPI"."Threshold" = 'green'
  THEN "Fact - KPI"."KPI Value"

KPI Value Red
  WHEN "Fact - KPI"."Threshold" = 'red'
  THEN "Fact - KPI"."KPI Value"

OBIEE Graph Conditional Formatting Calculation

Change the vertical bar chart to be a stacked vertical bar chart and apply standard style formatting to show desired colours. Of course, remove legend and fields not used to get an acceptable visualisation.

OBIEE Graph Conditional Formatting Other Column

In combination with OBIEE Change Field Content and OBIEE Change Analysis Subject Area replication of layout gets very easy.

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